Frequently asked questions

Below is a selection of the most frequently asked questions about my service. This should cover any question you may have but if your question is not covered below, please get in touch and I will be happy to help.

Before The Wedding

I’m not able to hold your wedding date without having received the £500 deposit. Once this been received your date is secure. I work on a first come first served basis and have to be fair to everyone.

Yes, travel is included within a 50-mile radius of my home in Eastleigh. I do photograph weddings all across the UK and abroad, however in these circumstances travel expenses would need to be discussed prior to booking.

Yes – I’m fully insured for Public Liability up to £1 million and I also have Professional Indemnity insurance in place.

Your final balance is due 1 month before the wedding day.

Yes, I definitely do! I love to travel and have the opportunity to capture destination weddings! I’ve done weddings in Italy, Portugal, and Majorca. My pricing is a little different for destination weddings so please get in touch to discuss this option.

Sadly, I have had to postpone numerous weddings because of Covid. All I ask from you is that you contact me prior to moving your date to ensure availability. Your deposit will be transferred to your new wedding date (if I’m available). Even if my prices have gone up in the meantime, I will honour your original price.

During The Wedding

I know how you feel, I hate having my photo taken!

My photography style is natural, and therefore I very rarely ask couples to pose in front of the camera, as this takes away the natural and story-telling approach. While I’m setting up the shot, I normally ask couples to talk amongst themselves, hopefully make each other laugh and before they even realise, I’ve managed to capture some lovely, genuinely natural photos.

No, it is not in my contract, however it is always very much appreciated when couples offer it, but please don’t feel obliged!

I shoot on my own but there is the option to add a second photographer to your package for £300 to capture groom prep and additional photos and angles throughout the day.

No, not at all. I’m very conscious of the time I spend doing group photos as I just want you and your guests to enjoy yourselves! Obviously, the time it takes depends on the number of guests you have at your wedding, and the number combinations you request, however, I can provide a suggested list of ‘formal photos’ if you’d like.

I obtain the list of any group photos required in advance of the day, so the group photos usually take around 20-30 minutes. Sometimes I ask a groomsman or best man to help me out with gathering the guests.

In the event that it is raining on your wedding day, I always carry umbrellas that we can use and although I might get a bit wet, I would rather continue to capture great images for you and make the most of the location surroundings. My cameras are also weather sealed so are able to withstand a fair amount of rain.

I won’t let feeling unwell stop me or interfere with your special day. In a more serious scenario, I do maintain reciprocal relationships with other fantastic wedding photographers who can offer standby support if such an event was to unfortunately occur.

I use professional cameras comprising of two Sony A7’s, which are accompanied by a range of professional zoom and prime lenses and flashguns. I always two memory card slots, which allows me to continuously shoot to two memory cards, meaning that if one memory card failed, your images would not be lost. The cameras are ‘mirrorless’ which among other things means I can take photos without you hearing the shutter sound. Very useful during wedding ceremonies!

After The Wedding

Normally it will take 6 weeks for you to receive your wedding photos. Depending on the time of year and how many weddings I have in the queue, the exact time will vary and can also increase during the busy summer months.

You will receive at least 300 photos from a full wedding day, usually a lot more, but the amount will vary as every wedding is different. I will leave in as many as possible, however due to my high standards, you will only get the best photos taken as some will be duplicates, eyes shut etc.

Yes, every single image that is presented to you on USB will be edited in my signature style.

Definitely – The last thing I would want is for my computer to crash or hard drive to fail and lose all your photos. I back up your photos online and to at least two separate hard drives to ensure they’re safe. However, once your images have been delivered, it is then your responsibility to back them up.


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